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September 24, 2015
by AtenRIP

As you may have noticed, is in big trouble. They ran out of their finances and they have now resorted to their last hope: Us.

Plug needs to collect $60.000 from it’s users to survive the month of October. This means if they don’t have the money by the 30th of September, plug dies. For good. If every person who regularly visits Plug gave them $1, that would be enough for them to survive. And honestly: Everybody can give away a dollar.

Recently has introduced changes to their subscription program. Now apart from standard $3 „Gold“subscription, you can buy a $1 „Silver“ Subscription too. The important part is that free users now have been limited to use only 1 playlist and to host only 1 room. If you purchase Silver subscription, your playlists or rooms won’t be limited anymore. Plug also enabled subscription gifting. If you already are a subscriber and you have a friend who you think deserves one too, you now have an opporunity to gift them a Sub.


„Unfortunately, once we’re done, we’re done. If the people who love the site now aren’t willing to pay $1/month now, they most certainly wouldn’t be willing to in the future.“ –Steven Sacks,


On the 18th of September, there was a reddit AMA with Plug’s founder Steven Sacks. If you are interested in some of the answers, here is a highlights document.

Currently the donations are at around 50% of the goal. If you haven’t donated or subscribed so far, we (HoR&M) would like to ask you to do so. If you visit the site regularly you should be valuing it to spend some money at least.

You may be also curious what will happen if Plug really comes to its end.  We are currently considering many options where to move on, although we can safely say none of them is on the level of Plug by far. Plug has gone a huge way in evolution up to this point and any of the other sites are still at the point Plug was at 3 years ago. If we will be forced to move, it will hurt everyone.